Advantages of Working with Us- Our Versatility

The biggest advantage our clients can benefit from choosing us over our competitors is our versatility. The way we can process over 1000 homogeneous industrial solutions like Fire Fighting Equipment, Camlock Fittings and many more every month. This huge production capacity makes us shine in the crowd. We are capable of manufacturing such solutions in a wide variation of size, alloy and shape. Our customers can avail versatility in:-
  • Metal:- We provide our clients with an option to choose from over 50 different alloys such as Austenitic stainless steel, Martenstic stainless steel, ferrous & non ferrous alloys and C.S. Low alloy steel using which we can manufacture products for them.
  • Size:- We can cast objects of different sizes that have a diameter up to 540 mm.
  • Weight:- We are capable of working on objects having weights ranging between between 10 grams to 150 Kg.
  • Surface Roughness:- Our versatility in this area usually ranges between 5-7 Ra, can also be improved up to 4 Ra.
  • Production capacity:- Yearly we can offer a total production of 400 M.T. That can be increased as per the demands.

Spectro Analysis

Precision Casting of Tennessee’s metal chemical analysis services rendered by us are for quality testing of casting products used in different applications. We are equipped with two optical emission spectrometers which are used for measuring the elemental composition of a variety of low alloys, high alloys, stainless steel, tool steel, or precipitation hardening steel. We have expertise in analyzing nickel based, cobalt based, bronze and cast iron materials including ductile iron. Our organization can offer metal chemical analysis in tandem with the BS and NIST standards as per the request of our customers.

Chemical Analysis
  • We are equipped with spectrometer having 24 channels making it suitable for the testing Fe, Ni, Co, Al based material as well as nitrogen content.
  • Spectrometer is used for testing the heats poured
  • We also conduct testing on scraps before using it
  • We also store samples for a particular period of time.
Casting Process Control

Quality at Every Step

To check and confirm quality compliance on each every step of production is the prime responsibility of our business. We make sure that our manufactured industrial products like Fire Fighting Equipment, Camlock Fittings and more are sheer perfection. We also make sure that our Investment Casting Services are also performed with excellence. To ensure this we follow carefully drafted quality policies that helps us in meeting the strict global standards. To ensure this we have segregated our Gujarat based establishment into different departments that performs varied duties and together help us in confirming quality level of our range. Some of them are listed below:-
  • Tool Making unit:- Holding an impressive experience of the tool making sector, we are a group of skilled engineers that specializes in 3D modeling of tools that are designed by our team. We also accept designs from our customers. Sample of such carefully designed tools are tested in the unit to ensure tooling accuracy.
  • Wax Room:- The country's best temperature and humidity controllers are installed in the wax room that helps us in managing our wax patterns. To prevent the wax contraction or expansion, the wax used to polish our offerings are sourced from trusted suppliers.
  • Dip Room:- In this unit, we also control temperature and humidity to ensure a smooth processing. We use the most efficient formulas and techniques for our slurries which we design to ensure maximum consistency. In this unit we carry out dipping procedures of different parts of our offered solutions with precision.
  • Dewax Phase:- In this unit, the work environment and temperature is controlled using automatic systems. This helps us in maintaining our products quality.  
  • Pouring Unit:- In this step, we make sure that the pouring is done incorporating best solidification control techniques in an isolated environment.
  • Finishing:- In this specific unit, we perform all the grinding, blasting as well as runner system removal from parts in the most careful manner to avoid any sort of mistake.
  • Heat Treatment:- After ensuring all this, we perform heat treatment procedure in compliance with the high standards of the industry.
Inspection and Testing

In order to ensure that our offered castings are dimensionally accurate, have optimum design tolerance and are made as per the desired structural integrity, we enforce non-destructive testing and chemical spectral analysis procedures. We can also ensure that the castings are free of surface cracks, leaks and defects that can lead to faulty structural integrity by using fluorescent dye. The method involves bombarding the casting with short wavelength electromagnetic radiation to expose surface and subsurface imperfections. Some other inspection and testing procedures we conduct are:-
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection:- This is a non-destructive testing method involves applying a magnetic field to the part subjected to testing.
  • Mechanical Property Testing:- We also conduct tensile, hardness, and toughness tests to measure fractures, deformities, or fatigue of any type of alloy. Using mechanical property using, we can accurately record the amount of stress a casing can bear before succumbing to structural failure.
  • Internal Borescope Inspection:- Borescopes can be used for visual inspection of internal geometry which can be helpful for detecting burrs, surface defects, or voids that are not immediately visible.
  • Spectral Analysis:- It is a process that measures the elemental composition of any low alloy, high alloy, stainless steel, tool steel, or precipitation hardening steel.
  • Physical Property Testing:- Using this test, we can determine the reaction of alloy to different factors such as humidity and temperature. For physical testing, we are equipped with following machinery:
    • Universal Testing Machine.
    • Impact Test Machine.
    • Hardness Testing Machine.
    • Metallurgical Microscope.
Investment Casting Process

Following steps are involved in the process of investment casting:
  • STEP 1 : Tooling and Pattern Making
  • STEP 2 : Pattern Assembly
  • STEP 3 : Dipping and Coating
  • STEP 4 : De-Waxing and Firing
  • STEP 5 : Melting and Pouring
  • STEP 6 : Knockout where the ceramic shells are broken off
  • STEP 7 : Finishing
  • STEP 8 : Testing and Inspection
  • STEP 9 : Packing and Shipping

Following Certifications

The certifications we have earned over the years are listed below:-

  • ISO/TS 16949:2009 by Tuvnord
  • DNV / GL Marine Approval
  • Bureau VERITAS Marine Approval
  • ISO 14001:2004 by TUVNORD
  • AD2000 Merkblatt W0 by TUVNORD
  • BS OHSAS 18001:2007 by TUVNORD
  • LLoyds Marine Approval
  • Norsok M-650 Approval.
  • American Bureau of Shipping Marine Approval
  • PED 97/23/EC by TUVNORD

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